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Our Latest Video: Keeping Wild Elephants In The Wild

Elephant Origins Tea: The Story of Our Mission to Save Elephants, One Cup of Elephant Friendly Tea at a Time

Unfortunately, endangered Asian elephants are too often harmed or lost in human-dominated landscapes.

Wild elephants move along ancient migratory routes, seeking refuge between remaining fragments of forests. Tea regions of India are some of the last remaining places on the planet where wild elephants still roam outside of protected areas. Their population numbers are declining towards extinction. Tea gardens serve as rest stops and birthing grounds. Hazards abound and tolerance for wild elephants is wearing thin.

However, our tea growers are making a difference for endangered elephants. Under the Elephant Friendly™ certification program of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, our growers meet science-backed standards for the protection of wild elephants and their habitat, and take steps to reduce human-elephant conflict in their communities.

So, let’s give wild elephants a break. And let the elephant rescue veterinarians get some time off.

Watch our 60 second story here:

An Elephant Origins Original Film

All Rights Reserved

Film by: Stephen Styris

Producer: Lisa Mills, Founder, Elephant Origins Tea

Special thanks to:

Kushal Konwar Sarma, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Elephant Rescue Vet, Government of India

Nina Sarma, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

Wildlife Works, Inc

The University of Montana Broader Impacts Group


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