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Earthy Matters Podcast

Elephant Origins featured in Earthy Matters Podcast

Earlier this year, our founder Lisa Mills sat down with Earthy Matters blogger and podcast host Lalithia Krishnan to chat for Lalitha’s podcast, Heart of Conservation. We were thrilled to get this opportunity to chat with Lalitha, who has been one of our favorite writers on all things wildlife and conservation for some time now. She also happens to live in the foothills of the Himalaya – a region we know well! Together, we discussed the history of the tea agriculture industry in India and its roots in British colonialism, the shrinking numbers of the Asian elephants and the tea growing-related factors to their decline, and the ways in which we’re working to resolve these issues through Elephant Friendly TM Certification standards and compliance process.

Listen here to our full conversation!

"Elephant Origins is one company that is putting money right back into a fund that helps communities basically with their co-existence work with elephants. Any company sourcing certified elephant-friendly tea – basically, they are all helping support the program itself and to help it expand and spread…That is just something that Elephant Origins has made part of its mission as a company to be philanthropic and give back and raise money for.” (Elephant Origins founder, Lisa Mills)

For some other elephant and conservation related podcasts, we also recommend:

  • This NPR program from August 2019 that discusses a new scientific way to collect and understand data about elephants to help save the species from extinction.

  • This episode of Protect Your Wild on Saving the Asian Elephant.

  • This conversation between Wild Voices host Matt Williams and actor/director Ashley Bell about Ashley’s work on the documentary Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story chronicling the Asian elephant crisis.


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